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Fox Among Wolves: A smart cookie takes on a dark, edgy hero and a sexy, ruthless villain in this romance with muscle.

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Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: A fragile mum clashes with an irreverent man-mountain under hazardous circumstances.
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Big Bad Wolf: A Cowboy and an Amazon take on a jobsworth, a couple of psychopaths and a UXB in this explosive romp.
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Death Wishes: When Jo Gold dies, all Hell lets loose in Heaven; she must live until her bucket list is fulfilled. Who better to help than a rookie guardian angel? Think Coke Break guy with wings. Yummy!
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Triple Jeopardy: Three girls, three decades, one outcome. These heroines have one thing in common – they attract trouble.
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Don’t Stop Believing: A failing marriage. A union separated by distance. An accidental encounter. Can the Edinburgh Fringe Festival work its magic?
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Death Wishes:
During a routine operation, Jo Gold dies, causing all hell to break loose in heaven. No more exciting explorations with her teenage kids. No more bringing the worlds of film and TV into her maths lessons. No more dreams of adventures further afield. Or are there? Her list of “10 things I must do before I die,” written in front of witnesses, constitutes a legal and binding contract. Based on seven key aspects of her life, the angels have to decide whether she deserves a stay of execution to fulfil her bucket list.

Women's Fantasy Fiction
Machidiel is a complete rookie, so everything is against him, especially the technology that lets him experience Jo’s emotions. As he builds a picture of her creative accomplishments, he is drawn to her in ways no angel should be. The added complication? His boss Zadkiel is determined to cause chaos at every opportunity. Mac is equally determined to keep this woman alive.

If she lives and he is appointed her guardian angel, the real problem will be resisting his attraction to her.

This is a story about a hot Angel. Go on, buy it - you know you want to.

Here's a couple of quotes from fans:
Read scene from DW"My favorite part of the book is the supporting cast of characters. They all leap off the page and help to make Jo’s story warm and heartfelt. If you are looking for a fun book off the beaten-path, don’t pass up Death Wishes."

"The narrative provides an uplifting mood of redemption, love and spirituality throughout the book. It is perfect for readers who love the forbidden and seemingly impossible romances and yearn to experience the same in their lives. ‘Death Wishes’ is as guilty pleasure as they come."

"I thought the main character was very likeable and her plight somehow relatable (of course, I haven't 'died' yet, so it's a testament to Green's ability that I could really step into Jo's shoes). Also, my skepticism about hot angels was totally erased once I 'met' Machidiel. Yum. (Feeling a little sacrilegious here)."

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Triple Jeopardy:
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Three girls, three decades, one outcome. These heroines have one thing in common – they attract trouble.

Tina’s Dilemma – Would you tell your best friend?
Underneath Justin’s Greek God exterior is a dark bully.
Tina has suffered twice at his hands and now he’s about to marry her childhood friend. She is faced with a choice – ruin the wedding and risk a friendship or let Chloe marry the wrong man.

Fantasy Anthologies
Teacher’s Pet – Where does it say 'feel free to take advantage'? Vicky’s passionate opinion in class attracts unwanted attention from the local rugby hero, whose mates are just plain loud. But they are exactly who she needs when Dr Parr decides to educate her about more than just Economics.

Date Rape – When play-acting stops being a game.
Kent Adams was different to Cassie’s normal dates – this one was a keeper. Erudite, worldly and six foot of pure, knee-trembling muscle, he shares her passion for opera and takes her to Shakespeare’s very own theatre in Stratford. But a combination of mis-read signals and dark yearnings culminate in the worst night of her life.
Read scene from 3J
Warning: Contains scenes of sexual violence - but no nuts!

Here's a couple of quotes from fans:
"Each story is a fun and engrossing read, but you will also walk away from the tales thinking about the important issues the author has raised. Regardless of the age of the main character, each story is a coming-of-age tale, detailing the ups and downs of these women's lives as they struggle to become independent adults."

"I loved the first two stories in the compilation. There were some sweet and heroic moments to be found in each, and I really enjoyed the characters and the sparks of humor. The third story deals with some situations that I'm not super-comfy with; it has a darker edge to it."

"This collection of 3 short stories investigates the relationships of girls and boys, women and men over the last 30 years. Though she gives the prose a light touch, Ms. Green does take on issues of sexual violence. Still a good one for the beach if you like to think a bit while you soak up the rays."

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Hostage #1 - Fox Among Wolves: 
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Ginny’s dad had great advice about facing devils head on.
Think about the worst thing that could happen and figure out why you’re afraid. Get past that and the rest is easy.
There was no doubt about her worst fear. Alone in a house with six men, all of whom had just ogled her naked body, it was a complete no-brainer.

Women's Fantasy Fiction

When Ginny’s Saturday night bath is interrupted, and her uncle’s house is invaded by the supposed victims of a car crash, the outcome might appear predictable. But nothing is as expected, including the uncle she thought she knew. Ginny endures their attentions as each one is distracted from their covert task, but she seems to have fallen for the rottenest apple in this particular barrel.

With a spicing of international intrigue, blackmail and a bent ex-soldier, Ginny needs every ounce of wit and courage to survive the long weekend of simmering tensions.
Read scene from FAW
This story will appeal to readers who like edgy heroes, ruthless villains and feisty heroines in constant danger.

Here's a couple of quotes from fans:
"Fox is a great read and a fun ride. Here we find a young protagonist dealing with a rather overwhelming situation, but doing it with humor and grace. There may be a great supporting cast of male characters, but Ginny is a very smart woman and not tricked by the situation going on around her."

"The character of Ginny is a definite star and is someone who deserves more follow up adventure stories, she's desirable and yet underestimated by many which makes her a very exciting character to read about. Readers who love intense, intriguing and somewhat twisted dark romances should not miss this book."

"Everything about Fox Among Wolves seemed believable and possible, which only added to my satisfaction. The characters were believable and their reactions realistic. I loved that it included a couple of intelligent women rather than some helpless bimbo waiting for the man to rescue her."

~ ~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hostage #2 - Wolf in Sheep's Clothing:
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Every man in Carrie’s life wants to control her. That’s just the way it is. So, when her ex-military father needs an undercover husband and wife team to root out a traitor, she endures the selection process. From self-defence training to sniffing sweaty tee-shirts, she holds her own.

Women's Fantasy Fiction

The soldier picked to infiltrate her dad's factory is everything she’s learned to hate in a man. Built like a Welsh mountain, Bryn is an unlikely partner whose detective skills expose her shameful secrets. Battling deeply-buried terrors, Carrie faces setbacks designed to stretch her tenuous grip on reality to its limit. His gentle kindness pierces her armour and mutual interests restore her tattered self-esteem.

Things ramp up as the factory manager is kidnapped, but her dad doesn’t seem unduly alarmed when a security breach catapults his firm into an unsavoury global arena. Carrie ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time. With her track record, the chances of her surviving unscathed are slim.
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Bryn's popularity with readers of Fox Among Wolves meant a sequel was inevitable and it gives Ginny's cousin Carrie the chance to tell her side of the story.

Here's a couple of quotes from fans:
"The writing is very straightforward and it will connect with you because of the honesty in the emotions. The character development is spot on and the suspense filled narrative fits the original storyline to the hilt. Wolf in Sheep's Clothing is a very satisfying suspense romance novel with plenty of action, intrigue and drama."

"Ms. Green also introduces a character who very quickly became my favorite, the geeky engineer, Wyn Davies. This poor guy is the factory manager who gets kidnapped and responds to his dilemma with the cool, calm composure of any methodical, rational engineer. It lends a subtle humor to every scene in which Wyn appears. I can't wait to see what happens to him in the next book of the series."

"I really loved this sequel. I loved Bryn's character in the first novel and was so glad to see him starring in this one. This series has the perfect mix of romance, action, and intrigue, a hard thing to find. In this story, we have Carrie, who is vulnerable and flawed, and Bryn who is strong yet still flawed. The two together are brilliant."

~ ~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hostage #3 - Big Bad Wolf:
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Responsibility doesn’t sit well on Pete’s shoulders, but when his boss goes AWOL, the cowboy has no choice. Thank God for his delectable-but-unavailable partner, Andrea. Her calm support against their new CO, the misogynistic R.Soul, is all that stands between him and an insubordination charge.

Military Thrillers

In the aftermath of a factory raided by Middle-Eastern terrorists and her attempted rape, Andrea is grateful for her psychology training. But nothing could prepare her for the discovery her best friend is a traitor.

Her burgeoning attraction to Pete is sabotaged as they’re pitted against subterfuge, an unexploded bomb and a psychopathic beast intent on tearing the squad apart. This mission has the stench of big-bad all over it.
Time to go hunting wolf.

Read scene from BBWHuge apologies if you hated the cliffhanger ending on Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, but way too many scrummy characters popped up; all deserving of a crack at the mic. Hope it was worth the wait.

Here's a couple of quotes from fans:
"Another winner for Rowanna Green, Big Bad Wolf takes the series to yet another level. Needless to say the excitement rarely wanes with an intense mission and explosive results setting the tone from the very first page. Where Big Bad Wolf scores over its prequels is in its character development. An absolute must read for fans of the genre, especially those who appreciate great writing and originality."

"Loved the book! Once I started reading, I couldn't stop thinking about this book. It was like I was sucked into the story. As with the other books, the characters stick with you. In several places I found myself holding my breath waiting to see what happened next. It went dark in a couple of places, but it ends well. Great read."

"Rowanna Green's Big Bad Wolf keeps its audience guessing. Though containing adult content and themes, the novel is written in such a way that a reader can learn techniques to overcome and survive certain dark situations. The end is complete and satisfying - a great way to round out the trilogy."

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